About us


In 1958 Angelo Barana purchased a small block of land in the district of Bisano on the Montorio hills near the beautiful Verona, where he started his family farm.  The area is known as the “Golden Bowl” due to its high quality products and circular shape, as to represent a small globe.   In its heart we can find Marco, Paolo and Stefania’s “Fratelli Barana” winery.  Here you will find yourself embraced by the nature of our hills.

Our Growth

Everything started in...


Angelo Barana started his family farm


Carlo Barana took on the business with his brothers, specializing in olive oil, cherries and wine


Marco Barana inherited the business and decided to concentrate on grapes and wine production


Marco and Paolo Barana incorporated what is today known as the “Fratelli Barana” Wine and Food Company


The Barana brothers laid the first stone of the new winery


Following decades of grape production, the first “Fratelli Barana” branded wine was bottled