“The folende”: fire stones

“The folende”: fire stones This laboratory is aimed at the younger ones who can dive deeply into our territory’s history. Sailing with fantasy and creativity, thanks to the fire stones, you can go through mankind evolution and the use of silica to build their first tools.

Green Gold

Green Gold Discovering oil, one of the fundamental staples of humanity. Starting from the observation of an olive tree, our educational laboratory offers you an insight on oil lifecycle. From growing of the olives to the finished product, including typical tools and processing methods. In October and November, children can participate to our olive harvest. […]

From life to Vine

From Life to Vine A wine-dedicated laboratory has been established with the aim of educating towards a responsible consumption, knowing the typical products of the Verona region, their connections with the environment, the historical and cultural heritage.  These activities support the identification and memorization of our wine features through the use of our senses, such […]

Water for Life

Water for life Three natural water sources feed our farm.  Once used as drinking water and for doing the laundry by the local women. One is located in the “Costa” area at “Ai Crignoi” fields and two at the main Bisano farm. The water sources are easily reachable on foot, also for the kids, in […]

Gold Bowl of Bisano

Gold Bowl of Bisano At the Barana Educational Farm, we can interact with the farm and the farmers directly.  This activity aims at brining everyone, kids included, closer to a territory rich of history and culture, through playful and creative tracks among the grapevines, the olive and cherry trees.

Farm Party!

Precedente Successivo Farm Party! The perfect place for private gatherings, such as birthdays, graduations and theme parties. For kids from 12 years of age, we offer an exclusive place in the middle of nature to organize farm parties and enjoy with no limits to noise. Teenagers and adults may enjoy our open-air terrace and our […]